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   Please make use of these materials for advancing the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. We hope they will help you.

   The Acrobat pdf files are easy to use. With a free copy of the Acrobat reader you can view or print them on most any computer and printer.

   If you translate any of these materials into another language, please let us know. Our desire is to offer these materials freely to people in many languages. At this time we have some available in German, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, French, Russian, and a few other languages.

BELIEVE! Teaching Papers

   Our teaching papers are suitable for group or individual Bible study. They are designed so you can easily replace our name with your own ministry name and address, and use them in your own ministry.

  • View teaching papers as plain text files.
  • View teaching papers as Acrobat pdf files.
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    Study Sheets

       Each BELIEVE! paper has a corresponding study sheet suitable for use in small groups or for individual study.

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  • View study sheets as Acrobat pdf files.
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  • View our tracts as plain text files.
  •    We encourage you to personalize our tracts with your own name and address. All the following tracts are in PDF format so you can easily print them out for your own use.

  • I'm Coming Out Of The Closet
  • Go To . . .
  • If You Died Now . . . ?
  • Good News!
  • You Can Be Free!
  • How To Commit Suicide
  • Someone Loves You!
  • Why Boys Chase Girls
  • The Facts Of Life
  • You Can Be Healed!
  • Free Ticket
  • Religion Is Evil
  • God Invented Sex
  • The Message Of The New Testament
  • You Are Forgiven!
  • Road Map To Heaven
  • What Is A Christian?
  • You Can Start Over
  • Is Jesus Alive?
  • I Can't Be Silent
  • I Appreciate You!
  • You Are Special
  • The Purpose Of Life
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       Confessing (speaking) God's Word is commanded for Christians. Why?

  • Faith comes by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). Speaking God's Word will build your faith.
  • Words are seeds planted that produce results after their kind.
  • God promises that we will prosper and succeed if we keep His Word in our mouth and mind.
  • Authority is exercised by words. Authority unused gives no advantage.
  •    In Joshua 1:7-9, God gave instructions for success. They will still work for you today. It is not enough to read God's Word. You must also speak it, meditate on it, and act on it. By speaking it and hearing it, you plant it in your heart.

       The Believers RDA (pdf format) contains several basic confessions taken from the Bible, as well as other helpful material to aid you in your devotional time with the Lord. It is a guideline for believers desiring to grow spiritually. You should read the Introduction.

    Here are some confessions taken from the Believers RDA (70k).

  • Basic Confession ~ pdf
  • Children Confession ~ pdf
  • Ephesians 4:29 Confession ~ pdf
  • Guidance Confession ~ pdf
  • Healing Confession ~ pdf
  • Identification Confession ~ pdf
  • Love Confession ~ pdf
  • Neighborhood Confession ~ pdf
  • Prosperity Confession ~ pdf
  • Psalm 91 Confession ~ pdf
  • Spouse Confession ~ pdf
  • Here are some additional confessions you may find useful.

  • Confessions For Healing And Health ~ pdf
  • Healing Ministry Confession ~ pdf
  • Love Confession II ~ pdf
  • Proclamation ~ pdf
  • Church Confession ~ pdf
  • Grandchildren Confession ~ pdf
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    Prayer Helps

    Here are some prayer guidelines. ~ pdf

    Here are some scriptural prayers. ~ pdf

    Here are some other Scriptural Prayers For Believers. ~ pdf
    Here are the same Scriptural Prayers For Yourself. ~ pdf

    Here are some suggestions to Pray For World Leaders, Media, & Schools. ~ pdf

    Here is a prayer list. ~ pdf

    Here is a prayer journal page. ~ pdf

    The Daily World Prayer Guide helps you pray for all the countries each month.

    You should pray is a page giving further directions concerning prayer, and places where you can send prayer requests.

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    Bible Sources

       For inexpensive Bibles to give away, the Bible Societies cannot be beat. Always keep some on hand to give to new believers!

    International Bible Society
    Box 35700
    Colorado Springs, CO 80935
    Phone: 800-524-1588
    Fax: 719-488-0870

    American Bible Society
    1865 Broadway
    New York, NY 10023
    Phone: 800-322-4253
    Fax: 212-408-8765

       The American Bible Society also offers Bible translations in many, many languages. (Further sources for Bibles, books, tapes, etc., in other languages.)

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    If you need healing, look at Help For Those Who Need Healing.

    If you face financial needs, look at Help For Those Facing Financial Difficulties.

    You may like to use our Giving Record to track your giving and receiving. (pdf format)

    Many helpful resources can be found on our list of other Christian web sites.

    Don't miss our Genuine WallPapers, for encouragment, wisdom, and gift ideas.

    You might enjoy singing some of our choruses.

    Here are some healing scriptures in pdf format that cut into business card size. One prints on legal-size paper and one on letter-size paper.

    To receive faith-building scriptures by email each day, Bible verses on healing, Bible verses on faith, Bible verses on prayer, and Bible verses on prosperity -- go to this site. Here is another site with a daily verse on prosperity.

    If you are a pastor, we have a Pastor's Resource Page.

    Here is a Bible Reading Record ~ (pdf) to help you keep track of your Bible reading progress. There are also some good Bible Reading Plans available by email.

    For a daily message to encourage your faith, you should subscribe to our daily devotional.

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