Help For Those Facing Financial Difficulties

   God will help you. He is a faithful Father and can be depended on. Trust Him and do not be afraid.

   You need to feed on the Word -- especially as it concerns God's provision and His faithfulness. God's Word is your answer.

   Please go here to read a comprehensive article on how to receive God's Financial Help.

   Here are some other articles to help you:

  • God's Word Will Make You Free
  • God's Word Is A Seed
  • Steps To Financial Freedom
  • Bible Evidence For Prosperity

  • We Must Preach Prosperity
  • Claim Prosperity From The Devil
  • Jesus Is The Provider
  • Should Poor People Give?
  • Faith For Survival

  • Actively Receive
  • Hold Fast Your Confession
  • Imagination
  • The Bible Or Experience?
  • True Riches
  • Why Are There Delays?
  • Words Control Your Life
  • You Must Control The Devil

    Entire list of BELIEVE! Papers

    (These papers are available in a more highly formatted PDF format more suitable for printing.)

  • Additional Helps

    Prosperity Confession ~ (pdf) is a one page list of personalized scriptures on prosperity for you to say.

    Bible Evidence For Prosperity Confession ~ (pdf) is another one page list of personalized scriptures on prosperity for you to say.

    Guidance Confession ~ (pdf) is a one page list of personalized scriptures on guidance for you to say.

    Prosperity Seed ~ (pdf) is a book of verses on prosperity from different translations of the Bible. This is a great aid to help you meditate on a Scripture and gain additional insight into God's Word.
    WMA audio (1) (2) ~ MP3 audio (1) (2)

    Prosperity Scriptures ~ (pdf) is a list of over 200 verses on prosperity. (NJK) (wma audio) (mp3 audio)

    Faith Seed ~ (pdf) is a similar book with verses on faith which will also be helpful to you.
    WMA audio (1) (2) (3) ~ MP3 audio (1) (2) (3)

    You may like to use our Giving Record to track your giving and receiving. (pdf format)

    (The Acrobat pdf files are easy to use. With a free copy of the Acrobat reader you can view or print them on most any computer and printer.)

    You need to be reminded daily of God's Word. Fortunately, there are some free lists that send out scriptures by email. These are an excellent tool. View a daily Bible verse on prosperity at this site. The daily Bible verse on faith would be helpful to you, also. You should sign up to receive them all each day by email.

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