List Of German BELIEVE! Papers

(These same papers are available in English.)

  • According To Your Faith
  • Be A Growing Christian
  • Be Thankful
  • Does God Supply Only What We Need?
  • Does God Test Us?
  • Focus On Jesus
  • Forgive!
  • Go To Heaven!
  • God Created
  • God Has Forgiven You
  • God Is Good
  • Who Is Jesus Christ?
  • God Is Like Jesus
  • God Is Three In One
  • God Loves Sinners
  • God's Ten Commandments
  • Healing Can Never Pass Away
  • Jesus Is A Savior
  • Jesus Is Coming Again
  • Jesus Is Our Pattern
  • Jesus Rose From Death
  • Steps To Financial Freedom
  • We Must Preach Prosperity
  • What Happens At Death?
  • Words Control Your Life
  • Why Are There Delays?
  • Each German BELIEVE! paper has a Study Sheet suitable for use in small groups or for individual study.

    A special thanks goes to Constanze Hultsch for her work in translating these into German.

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