Jesus Christ is God. He is alive, and loves you more than you love yourself.

  What you have done -- good or bad -- is not important. God has already forgiven you. Now you must receive Jesus Christ and allow Him to change you from being a selfish person. The important thing is to whose eternal government you are submitted.

  Jesus Christ's government is based on love -- which is the opposite of selfishness. Because of His great love for us, someday soon Jesus will return to earth, eliminate from our midst those who refuse to follow Him and His way of love, and begin to physically rule over the whole earth.

  The Bible is God's message to you. Read it! If you need help, you should pray. God will help you if you need healing or financial help.

  We make available many Bible teaching papers, booklets, tracts, WallPapers, songs, and other helps, which you may freely use. Some are also in German, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, and other languages.

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