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  • Shorter wedding ceremony ~ (PDF format)
  • Wedding ceremony ~ (PDF format)
  • Usher Instructions ~ (PDF format)
  • Rehearsal Instructions ~ (PDF format)
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  • The Law

       Before a minister performs a marriage he should aquaint himself with the laws of the state in which the marriage will be performed. Contact the office of the county clerk for that information.

       The essential element of every marriage ceremony is the mutual agreement of bride and groom before witnesses that they take each other as husband and wife. Any form is valid which provides for this mutual agreement.

       As the minister, be sure and promptly send in the fully completed marriage license to the appropriate agency after the wedding.

    The Marriage Pageant

       There is great variety of taste in regard to the marriage ceremony and its accompanying pageantry.

       The right side of the auditorium is the groom's side. The left side is the bride's side. The bride stands on the left of the groom during the ceremony; the bridesmaids stand on the left of the bride; the best man and the groomsmen stand on the right side of the groom.

       The wedding procession may vary. The bridesmaids may enter singly, or be escorted by the groomsmen. After the Maid (or Matron) of Honor, the ring-bearer and the flower girl enter before the bride.

       When possible, the Minister, the Groom, and the Groomsmen will enter from the right side. The others will enter from the rear, down the aisle.

       The order of the bridal procession is not the special responsibility of the minister, but he is frequently consulted and a request for guidance should be promptly given.

       The bride and her mother should be allowed freedom of choice in these matters, if it is important to them.

       If a receiving line is desired, here is a suggestion for how people should line up. Immediately inside the entrance of the room in which the reception is held: 1. Mother of the Bride, 2. Father of the Groom, 3. Mother of the Groom, 4. Father of the Bride, 5, 6. Bridesmaids, 7. Honor Attendant (Maid or Matron of Honor), 8. Bride, 9. Groom (the bride is on the right of the Groom), 10, 11. Bridesmaids. The Groomsman and Ushers are not in the line.

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  • Funeral Scriptures ~ (PDF format) ~ (shorter PDF format)
  • Funerals and Ripoffs
  • Some funeral ideas
  • Funeral Help Page
  • Funeral and Memorial Societies of America
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