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Dear Atheist,

   Please allow me to apologize to you for myself and all other Christians. Forgive us for not showing you the real love of Jesus Christ. Forgive us for arguing and fighting with you. Forgive us for all the terrible things we have done to you. I am sorry.

   We who are called Christians have been very, very, poor representatives of Jesus Christ. Jesus was, and is, the friend of sinners -- and a helper of all those who came to Him.

   I know it may be hard for you to forgive Christians for what we have done to you. But, please, don't blame Jesus for what we have done. He is not the one who has done you wrong. If you want to know how we Christians should have been acting, read the book of John in the New Testament and you will see how Jesus treated people. If you knew Him, you would love Him.

   Although I have carefully studied the arguments of the atheists, I believe there are satisfying answers to all their objections, and that they are simply deceived. However, I do not think this excuses Christians acting badly, or that fighting does anyone any good. Certainly, it was not what Jesus told His followers to do.

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    Definition of an Atheist

       I say, "An atheist is a person who wants to drive on the wrong side of the road."

       I am convinced, that most of the time (some are just deceived), "being an atheist" is not really about what a person believes, but about what they want to do, or not do. They just don't want to answer to God -- as they perceive Him. They don't want to follow the rules God would give. They want to be free to do whatever they choose, which is tragic. (Of course, you cannot expect most of them to admit this openly -- even to themselves.)

       Faith in God is not supposed to be a leap in the dark. There is more than sufficient evidence to convince any sincere seeker of God's existence -- if they would seek it out. However, many choose to selectively ignore certain facts.

       If they really knew God and realized that He loves them even more than they love themselves -- and that He knows more than they do -- they would make a different decision.

       Do we think the parent who tells their child not to play in the street is trying to keep their child from having fun? Certainly not! We know the parent has knowledge the child has not yet gained, and is looking out for their welfare.

       Many wealthy people have investment advisors who tell them what to do with their money. Do you think that unduly restricts the wealthy person's life? No, it frees them to enjoy life instead of being burdened down with the details of researching and managing their investments.

       So it is with God -- all the "rules" He gave us are for our own good -- and will actually free us to be able to enjoy life to its fullest. We can drive down the wrong side of the road if we choose -- but it is foolish and will eventually get us killed. God loves us so much that He gave us instructions to keep us from hurting ourselves -- not to keep us from enjoying life.

       Of course, many who claim to be followers of God have a lot of rules they will tell you that God requires you to keep. They may, or may not, be right. Why not read the Bible for yourself, and ask Jesus to teach you the truth? Remember, He loves you and wants the best for you!

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