Wedding Usher Instructions

Ushers should be at the door waiting. As soon as people sign the guest book step forward and offer your right arm to the lady. Ask her "Friend of the Bride or Groom?" The groom's side is on the right and the bride's side is on the left.

The man will follow as you go down the aisle. If there is more than one woman escort the oldest woman of the party. When you get to the seat turn and release facing the back of the auditorium. Stand there until all of the people are seated. Don't rush, take your time.

Continue to seat people until all have been seated. If anyone comes late help them to be seated in the back of the auditorium quietly. Stay at the back of the auditorium during the ceremony.

The front sections should be reserved for the immediate family, grandparents, and special friends only.

Seat all people except the parents of the bride and groom.

Light candles (if not lit already).

When you get the signal that everyone is ready, seat the groom's parents on the front right. Then seat the mother of the bride on the front left.

At this point no one else should be allowed to be seated until after the bride has entered (unless you can quietly, unobtrusively sneak them in on the side).

After the Ceremony

After all the wedding party has exited (the minister will be last), two ushers should walk together up to the front, and stop immediately in front of where the parents of the bride and groom are seated. They should both turn toward the outside of the building and face toward the back. The usher beside the bride's mother should extend his arm to her, and escort her out.

After the bride's mother has gone a suitable distance (at least half of the length of the aisle), the remaining usher should extend his arm to the groom's mother, then escort the groom's parents out.

Both ushers should now return together to the front and usher out the grandparents in the same fashion as the parents were escorted out.

Both ushers should return again to the front, one should escort the remaining set of grandparents out. The other usher should remain there, dismissing one row of people at a time, beginning at the front.

After everyone has left the ushers should take care of any candles or equipment that needs looked after, etc.

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