The Purpose Of Life

   God created mankind primarily because He desired to have a family. In order to truly fellowship with God, man had to have freedom of choice. Unfortunately, man used his freedom to rebel against God and fell from fellowship with God.

   When man fell he came under the dominion of the devil, because he followed the devil's suggestion to disobey God. With this came spiritual death and a new nature which was selfish. Man became self-centered -- actually worshiping himself by making every decision based on what was best for him. The result of this selfishness is evident all around us: horrible misery and suffering.

   God is just and obeys His own laws. Justice requires that rebellion be punished. To be just, yet allow mankind to come back into fellowship with Him, God Himself came to earth as the man Jesus Christ. He suffered a horrible death as the substitute for all mankind, taking the punishment we deserved for our sins. Because of what Jesus did, God could justly forgive all sin, and open a way for all people to come back into fellowship with God.

   Jesus Christ Himself is the only way to God. Only by receiving Jesus can we enjoy the benefits of His sacrifice, which sets us free from sin and its judgment.

   Our life on earth now is testing and preparation for eternity, to determine if we qualify to be in God's family. This is not determined by human beauty or achievement, but by our willingness to submit to the lordship of Jesus Christ. When we submit to Jesus, He begins changing us into what He wants us to be.

   God loves you more than you can understand -- even more than you love yourself. He proved His love for you by dying in your place, so you could be free to choose. Now you must make the choice: accept Jesus and His love, or reject Him.

   Soon Jesus Christ will return to rule on earth. All who reject Jesus and His way of love must be separated from those who love Him. Otherwise, their continued selfishness would ruin the happiness of those in God's family.

   Until Jesus returns, God's mercy is extended to all people -- even His enemies. Receiving God's mercy is automatic when you come to Jesus and submit to His lordship. Call on the Lord Jesus Christ now and ask for His mercy. If you do not, your future will be with the devil and demons in a place of confinement called Hell.

   When you come to Jesus, He changes you inwardly. As you continue following Jesus and obeying His Word, your inward change will continue manifesting outwardly, causing people and circumstances around you to change also. God will continue working in and through you until you become like Jesus Christ in your thoughts and actions, as well as your nature.

   Make the decision now to accept the lordship of Jesus Christ. Ask Him to change you. For further instructions: read the Bible, starting with the book of John.

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