You Are Special

   You are special to God. And you are special to me.

   You are an original! No one on earth is exactly like you. You are unique and valuable.

   You were worth so much to God that He was willing to die to redeem you, so you could be in His family.

   He died so you could be free.

   How much are you worth? The only way to answer that would be to put a value on Jesus Christ Himself -- because He gave Himself for you.

   God desires genuine love -- just like you do -- and not something forced, so He gives you freedom to accept Him or reject Him.

   Whatever you decide, always remember that God loves you. He proved it by dying to set you free.

   Other people may not think much of you, but God thinks you are extremely valuable.

   You may think God couldn't love you -- because of all the bad things you have done -- but He does!

   God does not love you because of what you do, or don't do. He loves you because He created you.

   You are God's work of art -- a unique creation unlike any other person who has ever lived.

   You may not even love yourself -- but God loves you.

   You may feel alone, forgotten, and forsaken. But, you are not!

   God has been watching over you all the time, helping you as much as you would allow Him.

   But, the only way to receive the full benefit of God's love, and His sacrifice for you, is to open the door to Jesus Christ. You must invite Him into your life.

   Why resist His love any longer? Call on the Lord Jesus now -- tell Him you want to allow Him to love you.

   Jesus knows what is best for you and His desire is that you have it.

   Open up to Jesus now. Ask Him to come into your life. Let Him guide you into His blessing in every area of your life.

   If you would like to know more about Jesus, read the book of John in the Bible.

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