I Appreciate You!

   Thank you for being of service to me. I appreciate you, and what you do. I don't always have time to stop and express it, so I decided to write this.

   It seems people are so busy and often don't appreciate all we do for them. I don't want to be like that.

   I know it is often difficult to serve people and keep a good attitude. But keep on -- for there are some of us who do appreciate it. Thank you again!

   I know someone else who appreciates you -- His name is Jesus Christ. It's true. He really does love you and appreciate you.

   If you don't know Jesus Christ, I think you would really like Him if you get to know Him. I think He is irresistible.

   Many people have the wrong idea about Jesus. They don't really know Him. Even many people who claim to represent Him have distorted ideas about Him.

   To find out the truth, and really get to know the One Who loved you enough to die for you, you need to read the Bible.

   The Bible contains four books: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, which will introduce you to the real Jesus. I hope you read it. And I hope you open up your life to Jesus Christ. Let Him have the relationship with you that He so desires. Remember, He loves you.

   May God bless you today.

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