Is Jesus Alive?

   According to the historical record, nearly 2,000 years ago in Israel there lived a man named Jesus of Nazareth.

   Many people of that day -- and this present time -- have claimed that Jesus rose from death and is alive. They also claim that He is God the Creator and that He will judge mankind.

   If Jesus really is alive today what does it mean?

   That would definitely put Him in a class by Himself -- no other human being has overcome death to continue to live for thousands of years.

   Surely it would mean that Jesus was Who He said He was. Before He died He claimed He would rise from death. He also claimed to be God, and mankind's only hope of eternal life.

   Jesus claimed He would return to judge and rule on earth. He taught that those who accepted Him would be rewarded and those who rejected Him would be doomed.

   Does Jesus' overcoming of death give validity to all that He said? Yes!

   So where can we find a record of what He said? The New Testament in the Bible. You better read it!

   Call on Jesus Christ now. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Ask Him to reveal what He wants you to do.

   If Jesus is not alive it won't hurt anything. If He is alive He will hear you and answer your prayer.

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