The Message Of The New Testament

   Mankind has a defect, which manifests itself as selfishness.

   There is a cure -- but only one which is effective permanently.

   The cure involves an injection of a new kind of life into the inner being of a person. This life is called eternal life, because it is the life that God, the Eternal One, has.

   The cure is free, but the only way you can get the cure is to receive and acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord.

   Freedom from this defect requires two things. First, you must receive the gift of eternal life, which can be obtained right now by receiving the person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

   Second, you must know that God loves you supremely -- even more than you love yourself.

   Therefore, you no longer have to live a self-centered life always worrying about and seeking your own welfare -- because you know that God Himself is watching out for your best interest.

   He will protect you and provide for you, not just enough to barely endure life, but so you will have an abundant, joy-filled life, living with God in true and complete freedom and fulfillment.

   All people who reject this freely offered cure, will soon have to go to a place of quarantine, to be kept there for the ages to come. This is necessary so they will not spoil life for the rest of mankind who do partake of God's cure.

   You receive Jesus basically the same way you get married. You say: I want to, and I do.

   Jesus is listening now, waiting for your decision. He loves you enough to die for you.

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