Why Boys Chase Girls

Why does a boy chase a girl?

  • You know why: he's after something!

  • He expects to experience something desirable.

  • He recognizes she has something to offer him -- something he wants.

  • She has promise of offering or providing something thrilling.

  • Boys are created with a built-in drive to have a relationship with a girl. You know that.
  •    People are also created with a natural desire to know God. You may not know that, but it's why people seek satisfaction in so many things -- but always come up empty. Only a vital relationship with God will satisfy your inner hunger.

       You were created with a built-in drive to have a relationship with God. Quit trying to satisfy that urge with alcohol, drugs, music, success, or other things -- they will never satisfy it.

       If you understand why boys chase girls, you can understand why you should chase Jesus. He has more to offer you than anyone else!

    Why should you be interested in God?

  • You will experience something desirable.

  • God has something to offer you -- something you want.

  • God has promise of offering or providing something thrilling.

  • No one can do more or give you more than God!

  • God cares about you, and is interested in you knowing Him, too!
  •    He proved His love for you by dying, as Jesus Christ, to set you free.

       Don't take my word for it -- see for yourself! Call on Jesus Christ now! He will hear you. It's not necessary to say any special words. Just call on Jesus from your heart. Tell Him you want to know Him. Invite Him into your life.

       I'm not talking about joining a religion, but a person -- Jesus Christ -- Who is God!

       Just because you know people who claim to be Christians doesn't mean you have the right picture of Jesus. You probably don't. Years of tradition have really messed up many people's ideas about Jesus.

       You know people who married but later divorced. Does that stop you from wanting a girl for yourself? NO! Then why let other people, who claim to know Jesus, keep you from the thrill and blessing of knowing Jesus Christ for yourself?

       After you call on Jesus, you'll want to know more about Him. And you can! Read the New Testament in the Bible. It was written a long time ago, but it's still what God has to say because He never changes. It's a message from Someone Who loves you and will set you free!

       Call on Jesus! Chase Him -- He's worth the effort! Read the New Testament for yourself. Have your own relationship with God!

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