I'm Coming Out Of The Closet!

   I can't keep it quiet, I can't keep it to myself. It's just too good not to share!

   Jesus Christ died for me, but is alive now, and has set me free from the power of sin. Yes, I can still sin if I want to, but I don't want to anymore. I'm no longer driven to sin. I'm free!

   If homosexuals can come out of the closet, and parade themselves proudly up and down our streets -- why should I keep quiet?

   I'm not ashamed of Jesus Christ. He is wonderful! He is great! He is still doing the same things today as He ever did. He has done so much for me it would take a long time to tell it all!

   I know religion is a taboo subject you aren't supposed to talk about in our society. But I've discovered Jesus Christ is not just an old, dead religion, but a living, wonderful person!

   In fact, Jesus Christ doesn't think much of religion, either! Actually, religion is man's attempt to reach God while Jesus Christ is God trying to reach out to mankind.

   I know people have created a Christian religion out of what Jesus taught, but that is not why Jesus came to earth.

   Jesus came to earth to die as a substitute for us -- to bear the just penalty for all we have done wrong. You see, God's love compels Him to be just and treat people fairly. And justice requires that there be punishment for wrong-doing.

   The great news is that God loved you, and the rest of mankind, so much that He devised a plan to suffer the punishment you deserved for your sins -- so you could go free! He did this in the person of Jesus Christ nearly two thousand years ago in Israel, when He died on a cross.

   God loved the people of this world so much that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who has faith in Him will have eternal life and never perish. God did not send His Son into the world to condemn its people. He sent Him to save them! (John 3:16-17)

   Yes, I am excited about Jesus. It's so wonderful to find out there is someone who cares about me and loves me just the way I am. As you know, that's not so easy to do!

   Many people have misrepresented Jesus, and many people have gotten the wrong impression of Him. I'm glad I found out the real truth. I'm glad I found out that Jesus didn't come to start a religion, but to love me and give me fullness of life!

   If you need love, maybe you should check out Jesus for yourself. Unfortunately, many churches present a distorted picture of the real Jesus. What you need to do is read the New Testament (in the Bible) for yourself. That way you can get the clear picture.

   Jesus is watching over you now, waiting for you to call on Him. He is ready to deliver you, whenever you decide to call on Him!

   If you would like to have something in your life to be excited about -- I would suggest Jesus Christ!

   I am out of the closet. I am not ashamed of Jesus Christ! I am ready and willing to talk to you, or anyone, about Jesus any time.

I'm here;

I'm NOT queer;

Join me!

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