The Rich Man's Problem

"Do you love me -- or just love my money?" "Do you care about me, or are you just using me for what you can get?"

The rich man has a problem. The wealthier he is, the greater this problem is to him. You see, all people deeply desire to be loved. The problem the rich man has is trying to determine if someone loves him or his money.

God actually has the same problem -- after all He is the richest One in existence! Not only is God wealthy but He is also powerful!

God does not want people who will just serve Him out of fear, but those who will serve Him out of love.

It would be easy for Jesus Christ to appear in the sky announcing He was the only true God, do a few internationally televised miracles, and force people to believe on Him. But they would not love Him. They would only serve Him -- if they did -- out of fear of His great power. They would be afraid of what He might do to them if they did not outwardly obey Him.

But God, just like you do, desires love. He desires to spend eternity with those who willingly love Him and His ways -- not those who are forced into something.

Would you want a spouse that was forced to marry you -- and did not love you? Do you enjoy spending time with those who are just using you for what they can get from you? Neither does God.

Do you inwardly love truth and purity -- do you inwardly desire to be different -- to be free from the bondage of sin that you are now in? If you do, then turn to Jesus Christ and He will set you free. Jesus will also give you a new life in the family of God for eternity.

It may seem incredible, but if you long to be free, then you are a person that God is seeking. He wants to show His love to you in the hope you will respond by loving Him back.

God loves you. Call on Jesus Christ now.

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