Wedding Rehearsal

1. Everyone who will be in wedding should be at the rehearsal on time.

2. Open with prayer asking for God's blessing on the rehearsal and wedding.

3. Introductions of people as necessary.

4. Tell everyone the schedule.

5. Give general instructions.
* Time to be there for wedding and where they should go.
* Men meet with pastor.
* Women meet at the Bride's room.
* Explain when pictures will be taken.
* In case of mistakes, go ahead with wedding. Fake rings if necessary.
* No gum, please. Everyone relax and enjoy it. Be natural.
* Men hold their RIGHT hand over their left. Stand natural. Do not chew gum.

6. Practice.
* Go through once verbally. Ask for any questions.
* Go through once quickly. Ask for any questions.
* Go through as though it were real. (Don't say the whole ceremony.) Ask for any questions.

7. Pastor get marriage license after rehearsal and have the official witnesses sign it.

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