Files In Other Languages

   We have several papers in German, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, French, and Russian.

   The following papers are in the Adobe Acrobat PDF file format. To view or print them, you need the Acrobat reader, which is free. Readers are available for Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, and Unix, and can be downloaded through this link.

   Here are some translations into other languages of our Good News! tract. If you are a skilled translator into another language, please translate it so others can view it here.

  • Finnish (4k)
  • French (4k)
  • Romanian (7k)
  • Russian (155k)
  •    The following Russian files are rather large because we didn't have the Russian fonts, and they printed as graphics. If someone who has Russian fonts installed could take my original files which are in WordPerfect 5.1 format, and produce a Postscript print file of them, I would certainly appreciate it.

  • Be A Growing Christian (Russian) (1,371k)
  • Bible Evidence For Prosperity (Russian) (355k)
  • Go To Heaven! (Russian) (968k)
  • Jesus Rose From The Dead (Russian) (1,516k)
  •    Many of our BELIEVE! Papers have been translated into the Nepalese language. However, we have them in written form, not in computer form. If they would be helpful to you we will mail you a copy.

       If you could help translate our material into another language, please contact us.

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