International Student Ministry

God commands us to befriend those from other countries when they come to our country.

  • Be Hospitable
  • Love Your Neighbor As Yourself
  • Those here to study and then return to their own countries present a great opportunity for us to introduce them to Jesus Christ.

  • Befriend An International Student
  • Reaching the World That Has Come to Us
  • America's International Visitors: Reaching the World at our Doorstep
  • Boston's Colleges and Universities: An International Center
  • Reaching the World at our Doorstep
  • JapanNet: Training and Resources for Christians Ministering to Japanese
  • Multilingual Christian Resources at Peggie's Place
  • Links to assist International Christians
  • Christian Outreach to Mainland Chinese Intellectuals at Universities in Western Nations
  • Using the Jesus film to teach English

  • Please take a look at our Information for International Students page.

    Also, look at the Daily World Prayer Guide and our Files In Other Languages.

    Every church should consider having a ministry to internation students like Xenos Christian Fellowship does. WorldNet Grace Ministries encourages helping every international student be greeted by an American Christian when they first arrive in this country.

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    Here are some sources we hope will be helpful to you.

    Sources For Bibles, etc.

    International Bible Society
    Box 35700
    Colorado Springs, CO 80935
    Phone: 800-524-1588
    Fax: 719-488-0870

    We recommend the Contemporary English Version as a good, easy-to-understand English translation of the Bible (and the New King James for further study). Both can be ordered inexpensively from:

    American Bible Society
    1865 Broadway
    New York, NY 10023
    Phone: 800-322-4253
    Fax: 212-408-8765

    The American Bible Society also offers Bible translations in many, many languages.

    The All Nations English Dictionary is a great tool, with more than 2000 quotations from the world's all-time, best-selling book. It is especially designed for those speaking English as a second language. Includes simple definitions with many sample sentences to show how a word is used. Covers more than 45,000 of the most commonly used words in modern English. The price is very reasonable. Order from:

    All Nations Literature
    Box 26300
    Colorado Springs, CO 80936
    Phone: 800-962-0080
    Fax: 719-528-8010

    Multi-Language Media
    Box 301
    Ephrata, PA 17522
    Phone: 717-738-0582
    Fax: same number -- after 5pm Eastern Time fax machine answers.
    Offers Bibles, books, videos, tapes, and tracts from many languages.

    Audio Scriptures International
    Box 28417
    San Diego, CA 92198-8417
    Phone: 619-673-0867
    Fax: 619-673-8030
    Offers cassette tapes with Scripture in over 250 languages.

    International Students Inc.
    Box C
    Colorado Springs, CO 80901
    Phone: 719-576-2700
    Fax: 719-576-5363

    ISI also offers many helpful tools for those with a ministry outreach to international students. Request a catalog.
    Phone: 877-903-9963 (toll free)

    They sell books about missions and missionaries as well as ministry materials for evangelism and discipleship in English and in over 90 other languages.

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