Pray For World Leaders

God will guide our leaders in wisdom and compassion.

Leaders will govern in mercy and truth.

Leaders who despise God will fall from power.

Decisions against the Gospel of Christ will be brought to confusion and made ineffective.

Leaders who are in spiritual darkness will receive God's truth.

Leaders will desire understanding and find it in God's Word.

Leaders living in war-torn nations will grow weary of bloodshed and desire peace and rest.

Corrupt leaders will recognize their evil ways and repent, or else be removed from office.

Pray For The Media

All the people of authority in the communications media would be drawn to God and His truth.

They would report the news fairly, including the good news of God's work.

Christians would have favor in their sight.

They would understand what is really happening, and have the courage to report it truthfully.

The promotion of godly people to positions of authority and influence in the media industry.

Media people of morality and integrity who are not swayed by money or ungodly pressure groups.

Free and fair communications media that proclaim the full truth.

Pray For Schools

The students, teachers, administrators, and school boards, that they would hunger to know God.

Those responsible for writing and choosing textbooks.

God's protection of our Christian schools and home schools from government harassment.

A holy, spiritual awakening in our high schools and colleges.

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