Neighborhood Confession

My neighborhood includes_____________________.

Jesus is Lord of my neighborhood! The devil's power is broken in my neighborhood!

In Jesus' Name I say the people of my neighborhood: are receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and turning away from sin; are hungry for God's Word and believe it; are prospering spiritually and materially; are supporting and actively participating in their local churches; are reverencing God and His Word.

In Jesus' Name I say my neighbors are walking in harmony and love; are filled with God's wisdom; are led by the Spirit of God; are growing spiritually; are prospering in every way.

In Jesus' Name I say my neighborhood is free from crime and illegal drugs. It is free from robbery, rape, kidnapping, and murder. The devil and all his forces cannot operate in my neighborhood.

The light of the glorious gospel of Christ is shining into the hearts and minds of all my neighbors. All the people in my neighborhood are being saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit. God is at work in my neighborhood every day.

Jesus is Lord of my neighborhood!

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