Church Confession

Jesus is Lord of our church, and abundantly provides for us. Jesus is building the church. Multitudes are being saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit because of the ministry of Jesus through the people of our church. Our church is growing and blessing people all over the world.

Our meetings are filled with the power and presence of God. Our church is a supernatural church with all the gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Great miracles happen at our meetings. The power of God is always present to heal all.

We keep the Word of God first place and exalt Jesus Christ so people are drawn to our church from everywhere. We are praising God Who gives us favor with people, and the Lord is adding to our church daily. The Word of God is increasing and prevailing, and the number of disciples is multiplying. We are speaking boldly in the Lord Who is bearing witness to the Word of His grace, granting signs and wonders to be done by our hands. We are believers. We lay hands on the sick and they recover.

Our church is prosperous and all our people prosper in every way. They live in divine health. They are doers of the Word of God. All the people of our church love to pray. They are led by the Spirit and filled with the knowledge of God's will. They are growing in the Lord and in the knowledge of His Word. Our church people are excited about God and obedient to His will.

Our ministers are prospering, in health, and their soul prospers. They are accurate in the Word and sensitive to the Holy Spirit Who guides them. When they minister the anointing sets the people free.

God gives us skillful workers for every manner of work to be done. All our workers flow in God's anointing and are a great blessing. Faithful, teachable people who shall be able to teach others are increasing among us. The people of our church are friendly, generous, love-controlled, dedicated, loyal, full of the Word and faith, wise, prosperous, healthy, full of joy, and active witnesses.

All the people of our church are tithers and givers. They love to give in worship of God. Every need is met at our church. God is giving us more than enough workers, equipment, supplies, money, and everything else that we could ever need to carry out His will completely.

Cell Confession

At our cell meetings people are saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit. People are drawn by the Holy Spirit to our cell meetings where they learn God's Word, enjoy the fellowship, have their needs met, and worship God. People love to attend our cell meetings, and invite others to come with them.

Our cell leaders are anointed and led by the Holy Spirit. They pray and study the Word diligently. They support our church and its pastors. They are loyal, faithful, loving, wise, prosperous, and healthy. Our church cells are all blessed and are a great blessing to the Kingdom of God!

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