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  • Scripture Confessions For Healing And Health ~ pdf ~ MP3 audio file ~ wma audio file
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  • Guidance Confession ~ (pdf) is a one page list of personalized scriptures on guidance for you to say.

  • Faith Seed ~ (pdf) is a book of verses on faith from different translations of the Bible. This is a great aid to help you meditate on a Scripture and gain additional insight into God's Word.
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       Here are some healing scriptures in pdf format that cut into business card size. One prints on legal-size paper and one on letter-size paper.

       The Acrobat pdf files are easy to use. With a free copy of the Acrobat reader you can view or print them on most any computer and printer.

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       Free recommended audio teaching on healing can be found at these links:

  • John G. Lake Ministry Divine Healing Technician Training Course
  • another John G. Lake Ministries Divine Healing Technician Training Course
  • Andrew Wommack Ministries
  • Moore Life Ministries
  • Nutrition

       Much of the sickness in the industrialized world today is caused by the poor food we eat. God created food to provide all the nutrition we need to thrive and for our bodies to heal themselves. But mineral rich nutrition cannot magically appear out of nowhere in food grown on mineral deficient soil. "Organic" food promises less toxic chemicals but does not guarantee high mineral and nutrition content. But you can cheaply and easily determine the mineral content of foods by simply testing with a refractometer to determine the "brix" rating.

       We should give the Word of God primary importance, but when we can improve our nutritional intake, it will assist us in healing more quickly and staying healed.

       While God will overlook ignorance and forgive transgression, when we learn truth we need to walk in it. If God has dealt with you to stop eating "junk food," you cannot expect Him to heal you while you refuse to obey His direction.

       There are many differing views on what is the best nutrition for humans, but here are some guidelines you can trust without worrying that they will be changed by newer "scientific findings." Eat foods as God made them and avoid eating foods that are manufactured by man. The "foods" that are overly refined and processed by man, with all sorts of chemical additives, are the ones that are dangerous to your health. Mankind may think they are smarter than God, but it is not true.

       Don't ignore the wisdom of long experience. The traditional foods that your ancestors thrived on for centuries, are not likely to be bad for you. Never forget that money forces are at work and ultimately drive what the scientific community studies because of funding, and what is reported by the media. When billions of dollars are at stake, man is capable of doing terrible things. With enough money, a lot can be manipulated. "Scientific tests" can be influenced and manipulated. What cannot be manipulated by man is the truth of what caused generations to thrive and reproduce successfully. So, don't believe all the "current wisdom" that tags traditional foods as bad.

       Another trustworthy guideline is based on the fact that every human being is somewhat unique. So, what is the best diet for one person may not be the best for you. There is no perfect diet for all people. A diet that can be beneficial for a period of time for some people (such as a vegetarian diet), can also prove deadly if done for too long. Pray about what you should eat, and follow the direction of the Holy Spirit in this matter, as in all others. And realize that what is best for you at this present time, may change at some point because of different conditions.

       A book I have found very helpful is Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats by Sally Fallon.

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