Can You Trust The Bible?

   No other question is so important. If the Bible is true, and trustworthy, then we have no other rational choice but to follow its teaching.

   There is overwhelming evidence that the Bible is the Word of God. Please read this and ponder it carefully. Where you stand on this issue is extremely important -- if there is a God and the Bible is His message -- which it is!

Hidden Codes In Bible

   In the last few years research has been helped by powerful computers in finding hidden words in the text of the Bible.

   It should be understood that these hidden words (equidistant letter sequences) do not add to or change the clear message of the Scriptures. They are merely interesting evidence confirming the divine inspiration of the Bible -- because it is utterly impossibile for mankind to do.

   Although there are many other proofs of the divine origin of the Scriptures -- which are more than adequate for any fair-minded individual seeking truth -- these marvelous hidden words should be enough to convince the intellectual skeptics of our day who worship at the feet of science. The following links discuss this subject. (No endorsement of them is implied.)

Which Translation?

   All Bible translations have their strengths and weaknesses -- nothing done by man is perfect. The Bible was originally written down in Hebrew and Greek. For careful, detailed study we recommend using the tools and the English translations based on the Majority Text (Textus Receptus), which include the King James and New King James versions.

   However, for devotional reading we recommend an easy-to-read version using modern speech like the Contemporary English Version (CEV), published by the American Bible Society, 1865 Broadway, New York, NY 10023, (Phone: 800-322-4253 --- Fax: 212-408-8765).

   Translation is not an exact science. All translations can be useful if kept in their proper place. They can be very helpful in helping to understand a passage -- just like some people use a commentary. However, when doing serious study to base your life on -- you don't want some man's commentary -- you want the very Word of God!

   A knowledge of Hebrew and Greek can be helpful, but is not the total, or even the main answer. God's Word is spiritually discerned and is best understood when prayerfully read in the context of a close relationship with the divine Author. There are many language tools available today in English which allow you to study the words in the original languages of the Bible without having to know those languages.

   God bless you in your study of the Bible -- and may He give you understanding and revelation -- especially of Himself!

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