Everyone should determine the priorities they have. These priorities establish benchmarks which will help you in making decisions.

It is important to do it now, because some important decisions in your future may require immediate action.

Setting priorities means determining what is most important to you.

A good way to determine something's importance, is to decide what you would give up for it. If you would give up everything for it, then it is the most important, and should be your first priority.

Here are my priorities: God, Family, Freedom, Life, Health, Ministry, and Prosperity.

Some of them could change slightly in different situations. For example, health and ministry, looked at from different perspectives, could be switched.

I would be willing to sacrifice my health to minister to people in the will of God. However, normally, health should come before ministering, and you should not overwork so much in ministry that your health is ruined.

I would sacrifice everything, including life itself, for God. He is my highest priority -- and actually demands that of everyone.

37 Jesus said to him, " `You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.'

If it meant losing my family in order to obey God, I would. If it meant losing my freedom, my health, my possessions, or even my life, I would.

My family is my second priority. I would sacrifice everything else in order to help them.

To me, freedom is more important than life. I would be willing to risk my life for freedom. Without freedom, life is merely existence as a slave.

I consider ministering to people more important than my own prosperity. I would sacrifice financially to minister God's Word to people. This is because God's love is in my heart and I know people have no hope without God's help.

Take the time now to think through on these things for yourself. Determine your priorities.

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