Addition Will Never Work

It's impossible!

The population of the world is growing by multiplication. Our addition approach to reaching the world for Jesus Christ will never work.

The only way to accomplish the Great Commission in Mark 16:15 is by the method Jesus commands in Matthew 28:19-20.

We must make disciples, not just converts.

Jesus never taught, or practiced, the addition approach. Neither did Paul. Their primary aim was making disciples who would multiply themselves.

If you reached 1,000 people every day, it would take you more than 15,700 years to reach the present (1995) population of the world. (Assuming no babies were born!) Raise the amount to 100,000 every day and it would still take 157 years -- longer than you will live.

Instead of that approach, how many generations, or cycles would it take of reproducing yourself by making another disciple, to reach the entire world? Less than 33!

Multiplication is amazing! In the beginning, when 1 doubles to 2 and 2 doubles to 4, it's slow. That changes rapidly after a few cycles of doubling.

Make A Disciple

If you reach someone with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then continue to pray for them, teach them, encourage them, and train them to do likewise -- the world can be reached.

For this to work, multiplication must continue. If your disciple does not multiply -- it fails. Your mission is not complete until you have trained the one you reached to multiply, also.

Filling Up Heaven

God's strategy for populating Heaven is the same He had for populating the Earth: multiplication. He doesn't require a multitude to do it -- just you.

Will you do your part and reproduce spiritually by making another disciple?

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